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Is this how you feel or think?

  • Are you looking for more joy in your life?

  • Are you curious about Law of Attraction?

  • Are you wondering how things are related in Universe?

  • Do you want a personal reflection on Law of attraction?

  • Are you burned out, have been or almost were?

  • Are you sick of being overwhelmed or sad

  • Are you interested in personal development?

  • Do you want to live a happier life?


Then you´ll find blogposts on this website that will resonate with you. Hopfully you will also get something to think about, some clearity, insights, recognition or joy.


I want to help women feel good about themselves and life by sharing what I so far have come to understand about life, love, Law of Attraction and Universe. Using my experience, personal point of view and what I picked up here and there I hope to encourage women to live a happier life. And I hope that can include you too.


This blog will cover topics like personal development, my own insights and Law of Attraction in a personal way. It can also deal with thoughts, teachings, relationships, things I find amusing and daily life.



I am living in Sweden outside Stockholm with my family. My husband, who I´ve been together with for more than half of my life, and I have two wonderful daughters at the ages of 11 and 16. We are living in a wonderful house but have recently starting to think about moving somewhere else… Where? We don´t know yet.


I had a happy childhood and an uncomplicated life up till 2006 when I for the first time found myself to feel bad because of too much stress. I started to be interested in personal development and took a few courses.


2008 my beloved father died. It was traumatic because it only took five weeks from him becoming sick until he passed away (At least that was my experience. Of course he must have been sick for a long time without us noticing it). During the hole year after I had a tough time- the grief over my father, another close relative also died and me being bullied by my boss. This led me into yoga and meditation.


In 2012 I had worked too much for too long and not quite sorted out everything from the previous years so I was totally burned out. It took me a year to come back to work. During this time I discovered Law of Attraction and it helped me a lot.


In 2016 (do you see the four year pattern?) it was time again. I was burned out for the second time. This time I have a little more difficulty to understand how it could happen because I now know about Law of Attraction and it´s power. My explanation is that being burned out is such a powerful force that you just can´t think and act as you normally do.


I now believe that I have learned my lesson to see the warning signals and then take action on them much earlier and not do things that feel bad to me, at least not for a long time.

Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass. It´s about learning to dance in the rain.
— Vivian Greene


During this nine years I´ve learned a lot, especially the latest years. I´ve been taking a lot of courses, listening to a lot of Law of Attraction teachings and starting to get a more and more clear conviction on how things work in our Universe.


New thoughts pops up all the time. My mobile´s note-app is filled with ideas. I slowly begun to cherish a dream of starting a blog to share some of my insights, learnings, experiences and conclusions. One of my closest friends encouraged me to start it, which I did at the end of 2016.  


So here we are. I´m really excited to share what I´ve learned on my mind journey and also to encourage you and hear about your journey.




No matter where you are on your mind journey you can always go further with more ease and flow. We all deserve happiness, love and joy.


Fun Facts about me

  • Have been mountain climbing
  • Appreciate to bake (and eat) raw food cakes
  • Love to watch romantic comedies
  • Yoga and meditation is a way for me to relax
  • Meeting friends at a café is one of my dearest joys
  • Enjoing long walks in the woods  
  • Love everything about water- drinking, looking at and swimming in
  • Absolutely love colors


If you want a small taste of what this blog is all about you can start with these posts:


Thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it. I hope you will enjoy this blog and would love if you connect with me on Facebook and Pinterest and leave comments under the blogposts. 

Love to you!