Powerful Law of Attraction or Great Help From Above?

Powerful Law of Attraction or great help from above?

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

In this post I will tell you something that happened to me not so long ago. I read a quote and that affected my whole week. It saved me and because of that I then had so much fun and many great experiences.


I wonder if I got the impulse to read the quote that morning as help from above to solve the coming situation or did I attract the situation myself by thinking that it was a great quote that will come handy when problems arise?


Ok, we start from the beginning:


One morning a while ago, I read a quote by Gerry Roberts that I thought was a really great one:

There are no problems in life there is only a shortage of ideas.

His idea about it is that you should look at challenging situations with the view to solving the problem rather than being overwhelmed by it. There is ALWAYS a solution.


There are no problems in life there is only a shortage of ideas- Gerry Roberts

About one hour after I read it I got use for that mindset.

I had booked a taxi so I could get to the train station with ease. The train would take me to the airport because I was heading to NYC where I would spend a fantastic week with friends.

I had booked the taxi half an hour in advance so that I would get to the train station in good time. It was only a five minutes ride. What I didn´t expect was that the taxi would be late.

After 7 minutes of waiting I phoned the taxi company to hear what happened with the car. I was stuck in an annoyingly slow telephone que. When it was my turn I explained my situation. She put me in another que. Same thing happened. When the third person answered I was quite upset. My train would leave in 13 minutes and no sight of the taxi.

The woman who answered this time told me that the driver was in the neighborhood but couldn´t find the way. She should talk to the driver and tell him to call me up so that we would find each other. The result now was that while I was waiting I could not use my phone anymore because the driver should call me. I could no longer call the taxi company for help.

The time was ticking and now it was only 10 minutes before the train would leave. I struggled to stay calm and think that I would make it. A car approached and my hope raised, but it was just a regular car, no taxi. It drove past, one more minute passed and no call from the driver.

Another car approached and it was no taxi this time either. I suddenly thought of that quote and got an inspiration to wave for the car to stop and ask if I could get a lift to the station. I didn´t know who it was but I thought I didn´t have much choice. I needed to do something about the situation. I had no intention of missing my flight to NYC so I had to catch that train.

When the car was close to me, I saw that it was a women I got to know at my oldest daughter’s childcare long ago. It would be perfect to lift with her.

She waved happily and drove past. Of course, how would she know that I wanted her to stop?


The time was ticking and it was only 8 minutes before the train would leave. And there were no cars in sight. Now only a miracle could help me!

- Ok, this have to work out! It HAS to come a new car SOON and when it does I'll have to go out in the street and stop it, I thought to myself.

And then another car came! I got out into the street and waved. But this time the car turned to the left even before it came to pass me.

-Oh no, I thought.

But I didn´t have to worry. The car parked in the driveway of the house opposite ours. I run up to the car and asked almost with a sob if I could get a lift to the station because my taxi never came and it was 7 minutes till my train would leave.

It turned out that it was one of my newest neighbors whom I previously just talked with very briefly.

He was so kind and helped me put my suitcase in the trunk. Then he, very slowly, drove me to the station at the exact speed limits. I forced myself to be calm and nice to him asking about his boys.


When he finally dropped me off at the station there was 1 minute till the train would leave. I dragged my suitcase and ran up the two long escalators as quickly as I could. When I finally came up to platform I was exhausted.

The doors of the train were already closed.

-No it can´t be true.

I ran to the nearest door and tried to open it by pressing its button. It didn´t work.


- You can enter back here, I heard a voice shout.

I looked back and there was a friendly woman in uniform who leaned out of the doorway at the back of the train. I took my last ounce of strength and ran to the end of the train and jumped in.


Happiness overflowed me! I was finally on the train and I would catch my plane! I thanked Universe, I thanked my neighbor and I thanked for the quote I read that morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


When I sat in my seat, catching my breath and recovering I thought to myself:

-I´m glad this happened! I´m so happy right now and I really appreciate to be here, much more than if the taxi would have been in time, and I´ll have something great to write about in my blog. I also know that I can make it even if it looks like there is no way out.


I agree with the statement that even what appears to be the worst may prove to be the best.


What appear to be the worst may prove to be the best!


It may soothe your nerves if I tell you that the rest of the trip went perfectly well. I had a great time! And because I read that quote I was inspired to ask for a lift, catched my train and because of that also my plane to NYC where I met my friends and had a great time!


So what did I learn from this event?

  • Never use that taxi company again
  • Book the taxi further in advance
  • Always listen to my intuition and inspiration
  • Always have faith and trust that it will work out
  • Stay calm all the way
  • I know I can make it even if it looks like there is no way out


I'm so glad I got to experience that I:

  • can handle such a stressful situation
  • was so open to my intuition/guidance from my higher self
  • can trust myself and the universe that things will work out


I think that I got the impulse to read that quote in the morning as help from Universe and my higher self to solve the problems and handle the situation they know was coming up. I also think that they where with me all the way by sending me the coincidences and synchronicities like the cars driving by and the women in uniform helping me.

What do you think?


Love to you!