8 Ways To Change Your Thoughts To Feel Good, part 3/3 about Happiness

8 ways to change your thoughts to feel good.

This is the third and last part in a series about Happiness. Here you´ll find the first part which was about why feeling happy is the most important thing and second part which was about 28 ways to start feeling good.


Now that you´ve read the other two parts about happiness you know why it´s important and how you can raise your vibration (which equals feeling better). But if you still feel bad what can you do?


When you realize that you are being anxious or feeling bad in any way choose not to get caught in those thoughts of concern more than a short while. See if there´s anything you can do about it. If so, consider how you should proceed- if you can do it by yourself or if you need the help of someone else, etc.

If you can´t do anything about it, there´s no reason for you to dwell on that stuff anymore. It only lowers your energy and makes you get into a negative spiral. Try as fast as possible to change your thoughts.


Here is 8 ways that can help you:

1.       Focus your thoughts on something that makes you happy. You can think of your last vacation, when you last hang out with your friends, something you are looking forward to, something you like to do or anything that makes you feel happy.


2.       Question your thoughts. Are they really true? Is there any evidence that your thoughts are true? Or is it maybe you exaggerating a bit? I know I do sometimes… This can be easier if you write your thoughts down.


3.       It could be worse! Think of things you are happy that you don’t have to deal with in this situation or of someone who has it a lot worse than you.


4.       How can you change your thoughts about the situation so that you can feel good right now? You can try to see things from a different angle. Think of what is good in the situation. What good will come out of it? 


It´s ok! You don´t have to be perfect.


5.       It´s ok. You don´t have to be perfect, nobody is. Why should you expect more from yourself than you expect from everybody else?


6.       See the situation from the other part´s point of view. Walk a mile in their shoes and see if you can think of it differently. They might not see it as bad as you do or you might understand why they react the way they do.


7.       Prepare in advance so that you have some emergency-thoughts you can use when you are feeling bad. It could be that you know somebody loves you- your spouse, child, mother, pet or Universe/God, everything always works out for you, hang in there just a little bit more and then it will be over, you are fantastic or something else that resonates with you.


8.       Write down 10 things you like about yourself or that you´re good at. This will make you feel better about yourself. That is a great starting point for higher vibrations.


Here comes two bonus ways from the second post that also fits in here:

9.       Think of someone for whom you feel uncomplicated love such as an animal, a beautiful spot, your favorite team or object. It´s easiest if you don´t have conflicting feelings as you can have if you had a quarrel with your child this morning or if you feel unfairly treated by your spouse.


10.   Be grateful for everything you have and everything you experienced. Write a gratitude list. When you are grateful your vibration is high, you feel good and attract more of what you are grateful for.



The truth is nobody can ever make you feel anything. It´s your own decision. Circumstances and behaviors can trigger negative thoughts and feelings but only if you allow them to. This might not be an easy task but if you continualy make the effort to feel good and happy no matter what it will get easier and easier.


You are in control of your own emotions and thoughts. By consistently try to feel joy and happiness you become better and better at finding that feeling without any particular reason.


And then you have the momentum going and wonderful things will start to happen… It could be someone smiles at you on the street, someone gives you a small gift, you are invited to a party, you just stumble upon the last piece of that beautiful dress you wanted to purchase now at half the price, someone calls you up and offer to help you with that huge problem you didn´t know how to solve… Nice things that happens over and over again. And then comes the even better things, and the better…


William Shakespeare, Hamlet- There is nothing good or bad. But thinking makes it so. 

William Shakespeare, Hamlet- There is nothing good or bad. But thinking makes it so. 


Do you need even more encouragement and support on the journey to happiness? Here are some more tips:

- Join the challange 100 happy days.    http://100happydays.com/

Every day you post a photo on chosen platform of what made you happy that day. People who successfully completing the challenge claimed to:

  •          Start noticing what makes them happy every day
  •          Be in a better mood every day
  •          Start receiving more compliments from other people
  •          Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have
  •          Become more optimistic
  •          Fall in love during the challenge

The reason why it´s important to be grateful is that then you continue to appreciate what you already have. Otherwise we get used to the fact that we have the new things or circumstances and it doesn´t mean anything anymore. By being grateful, we extend the joy of having what we have.


Dalai Lama- Happiness is not readymade- it comes from your own actions.    

Dalai Lama- Happiness is not readymade- it comes from your own actions.    


- Don´t you just love TED.com? Here´s a playlist where you find several speeches about happiness.

- In “The Book of Joy” His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu share their wisdom of finding enduring happiness and joy in life. They offer us the Eight Pillars of Joy, which provide the foundation for lasting happiness and they also share their daily Joy Practices that anchor their own emotional and spiritual lives.  http://bookofjoy.org/


This was the third part of three in a series about Happiness. Here you´ll find the first part which is about why feeling good is the most important thing. Here you´ll find the second part which is about how to start feeling good if you aren´t already.

I hope these three posts have helped you realize how important it is to feel happy and some tips on how to get started. You can choose to be happy! You create happiness for yourself by working on it. It´s an investment for life. Now it´s your turn to take action! What can you do right now to start feeling great? Share with us in the comments.

Love to you!