28 Useful Tips On How To Start Feeling Good, part 2/3 about Happiness

28 ways to start feeling good

This is the second part of three in a series about Happiness. Here you´ll find the first part which was about why feeling happy is the most important thing.

There you got a lot of wonderful examples of what can happen when you are feeling happy and why it´s the most important task we have in life.


Now that you know how crucial it is to be happy and feel good you might wonder how you can start feeling good if you aren´t already?

First you need to stop focusing on things that make you feel low or miserable and distract your thoughts with things that make you in a better mood. If you do that for a while your vibrations will change for the better and then you have the momentum going. Just reach for a better feeling thought. The easiest at least for me is to totally change focus to things I love.


Here are some examples of what to do:

1.       Think of someone for whom you feel uncomplicated love such as an animal, a beautiful spot, your favorite team or object. It´s easiest if you don´t have conflicting feelings as you can have if you had a quarrel with your child this morning or if you feel unfairly treated by your spouse.


2.       Be grateful for everything you have and everything you experienced. Write a gratitude list. When you are grateful your vibration is high, you feel good and attract more of what you are grateful for.


3.       Be creative- sketch or paint, write, do fuse beads, play music, make origami, sing, dance or whatever is nearest to your heart. There isn´t much that can beat the feeling of being in the flow!


4.       Do a dream board. You can do them by hand cutting out pictures from magazines or in your computer. An easy way I´ve been doing it lately is to make different boards on Pinterest for my dreams. I call them like “My new house”, “Our summer holiday” and so on.


5.       Feel love in your heart without any particular reason. This can take some practice. I´ve been doing yoga exercises for the heart some years now and I can feel love whenever I just remembers to. I´m sure there are a lot of other ways but this works for me. Here is the simple but powerful exercise.


6.       Hug someone you love. Hugs are always nice. Physical proximity release the love hormone oxytocin, lowers blood pressure and makes you calm.

Be Your Own Best Friend

7.       Be your own best friend. Comfort and encourage yourself. Be as nice to yourself as you would have been to your best friend in the same situation. This is one of the best thing! If you treat yourself like this you always have access to one of your biggest supporters where ever you go and where ever you are.


8.       Be in the moment- stroll, contemplate nature, play with friends or children, eat consciously, deliberate taking a shower or something else you can think of to bring you back to the ease of just being.


9.       Meditate or yoga. Some of the positive effects are that they are good for the health in general, reduce the body´s negative response to stress, stabilize blood pressure, increase energy, delay the aging process and balances your mood!


10.   Work out. Exercise and raise the level of endorphins (the body's "feel-good hormones"). Practise something you enjoy- go to gym, run, play basketball or football, dance, swim, do karate, bike, take a walk, fitness class... Whatever fits you.


11.   Be a Nice person. Do something good for somebody else. That will make you feel good about yourself and higher your vibration.


12.   Plan a trip or a night out so that you have something great to look forward to. The planning is the most important part for your happiness. It´s a bit like daydreaming! http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/18/how-vacations-affect-your-happiness/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=1


13.   Do something to make yourself proud. It can be something you have procrastinated or something you are struggling with. Just do it and it will feel much better afterwards with one less thing weighing on your shoulders.

Spoil Yourself

14.   Spoil yourself with small pleasures such as a cup of coffee or a hot bath. Tune into what you want and let yourself have it.


15.   Smile like you mean it- You can fool your body to feel good if you just smile. But you have to involve your eyes otherwise it will be detected as a fake smile.


16.   Sing! If your aren´t comfortable singing with others you can sing in the shower, in the car or if alone at home. Singing releases endorphins.


17.   Take a deep breath! This will make you calmer, more in peace and there by higher your vibration which means you will feel much better.


18.   Be generous. It feels gooood! As I told you in this former post I participated in Tony Robbins Basket Brigade a few month ago, in December 2017. It was absolutely amazing. It will affect the rest of my life.



19.   Take the time to really appreciate the small things in your life- a bird singing, the smell from a bakery, the beautiful view. This is a great trick to feel good. If you enjoy the small things you will have so much to be happy about!


20.   Do something fun with your family, a friend, your spouse, kids, cat or someone else you love. Just spend time with them in a way that not includes the routines of everyday life. Do something just for the fun of it.

Do More of What You Are Great At

21.   Do more of what you are good at and less of what you´re not that great at. This will give you more joy and confidence and less anxiety and low self-esteem.


22.   Dress in your favorite clothes. While looking good we tend to feel good as well and it´s also a way of giving ourselves some love.


23.   Watch a movie you like. I love watching movies, the kind of movies that leaves you feeling gooood! The romantic comedy, drama or action movies are my favorites.


24.   Listen to happy music. This is one of my favorites when I feel that I need to rise my vibration. Happy- with Pharrell Williams. Just watch the people who is dancing. You can’t still have the blues after watching this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs


25.   Read a great book. This will relax you and get you into another world. It expands your imagination and your ability to daydream.


26.   Learn something new or get a new hobby. When you do new things you get curious and better confidence. Both these things make you feel better.


27.   Take care of yourself, your health and wellbeing. This is not a small thing but it will make you feel so much better. It will give you satisfaction, a sense of relaxation and completion. You will have more love for yourself, revive your soul, ignite your energy and simply give you energy to take the next step.


28.   Surround yourself with happy people. Positive people will radiate happiness to you, encourage you and lift you. Let the people with bad attitude and negative speech go. They will only weigh you down.


Here is two Swedish sayings about this theme.

The first one is like:

- You don´t have more fun than you make for yourself.

Second one:

- As good as you make your bed so comfortable will it be for you to sleep in it.

It´s like the English saying: You've made your bed, you'll have to lie in it.

Meaning: It´s up to you how much fun you´ll have and how many nice things will go on in your life. It depends on your attitude, thinking and actions.


And how come it´s like this? Well, it´s all about the Law of Attraction again. What you focus on will expand.

Decide that there is nothing more important than feeling good! Make it a habit to recognize every time you feel bad. Then stop and take a deep breath. Analyze what made you feel those emotions. You can than either change your thoughts about the situation so that you feel good or you can focus your thoughts on something else that makes you feel good.

You Are in Charge of Your own Life

Remember that you are in charge of your own life!

You can choose to be happy, you can choose where you focus your thoughts. You have much more impact on your thoughts than you think.

So what can you do right now to start feeling better when you know how important it is and have 28 examples on ways to do so? What new habit can you start? You might also have some own great tips on mood-enhancing activities. I would love if you add them below in the comments.

Love to you!

This was the second part of three in a series about Happiness. Here you´ll find the first part which is about why feeling happy is the most important thing and here you´ll find the third part which is about 8 ways to change your thoughts to feel good: link