How To Overcome Your Fears And Do What You Want

How to overcome your fear and do what you want

Are you following your passions and living your dreamlife? Are you living joyfully and confident all the time? Are you always doing everything you want without worry, hesitation or fear? I didn´t think so… Most of us aren´t. Instead, we tend to worry and think things through so carefully, and to the extent that we end up not daring to do anything. What is it that hold us back so much?


Often we are afraid and feel a lot worse for what might happen than what it would be if the unlikely really happened. We worry and plague ourselves with thoughts of embarrassment and failure and limit ourselves by our fears of something that usually is not as scary or difficult as we build up in our thoughts.

One scenario is that you have pain in the teeth and post phone to make an appointment at the dentist because you think it´s scary when the dentist drills into your teeth. Then it´s a lot of pain for a long time and you feel bad because you worry that you might have to go to the dentist and if you must go how hard wouldn´t it be? You simply prolong the pain. All this anxiety and pain instead of going as soon as possible so that you get rid of the pain and the worry and you even get anaesthesia so it´s not at all as bad as you imagined...


Another scenario is that you would like to try something new, we can say surfing, dancing or starting your own business, but give it up because you are afraid that you might fail or worry about what "everyone else" would say. Thanks to your fear of failure or that someone will say bad things you're missing out on something you think is great fun, something that might be your passion in life and you may even be great at.


For what reason are we doing everything? We just want to feel good.

-What is it that we have so much concern about and plague      ourselves to avoid?

 We just don´t want to feel bad!


-For what reason are we doing everything we do?

 We want to feel good!

Everything we do is because we want to feel good or to avoid feeling bad. We worry and prolong the pain because we believe that we protect ourselves from feeling bad when all we do, in fact, makes us feel even worse!


Isn´t it crazy that we worry and torture ourselves to protect ourselves from feeling bad?


What are we really afraid of? Most of us are afraid of failure, not being liked or that people will say bad things about us. Why are we afraid of the words that others say? Words are just sounds. They can´t cause us pain. So what are we really afraid of? Our own feelings and thoughts that we believe these words cause us. But is it really true? No, we can always choose how we react to what happens, what others do and say. We can choose what we focus on and what perspective we give things and circumstances.


The only thing we are afraid of is our own reactions and that is the only thing we can control.


We are afraid of how we would feel if something happens that we find unpleasant.
We are afraid of our own reactions! And this is really a paradox. The only thing we really can control is how we think and feel. This is where our real power is! Everything else is as it gets. (But if we feel good and have high vibration everything becomes so much more amazing as you know, thanks to the Law of Attraction.) 

Concerns and fears limit us so much. To what use? It´s much better to solve the problems if they arise than to feel bad for a long times in advance needlessly.

Imagine if we:

  • did things at once, instead of procrastinating, worrying and feeling bad
  • did what we really wanted instead of letting our worries control our lives
  • let our passion show the way, not our fears


What if things go well?! How much more fun we could have, and how amazing and exciting our life would be if we could only embraced this mindset...


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Stopp worrying about feeling bad. Your mood is in your power.


-So how do we overcome our fears and dare to do what we  want?

 we Stop worrying about feeling bad because our mood is in our  own power!


You can apply it by asking yourself:
-What's the worst thing that could happen? The worst that can happen is that I feel bad for a while and I do already when I worry. Take a deep breath in. Exhale.
-What´s the best thing that could happen? The best that can happen is that I feel absolutely wonderfully amazing! Celebrate! Celebrate!


The fact is, no one thinks about you, say bad things or dissects you as much as you do. And if someone do, you don't want that person in your life anyway, do you? So just keep up the good work and go for it!


I hope this will be helpful to you. Maybe you can think of life in a different way. The world isn´t that scary. We can manage our feelings and thoughts and through that also how we experience life.


What are you afraid of, and dare you do it anyway? What fear can you challenge? Share with us in the comments.

Good luck! Love to you!